Why Install a Heat Pump in Summer?

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What if it was labeled a 'cool pump', would you use it during winter?

It may seem like a silly question, but the term 'heat pump' can be misunderstood - especially if you're suffering through another stinking hot summer night. Heat buildup inside the house can be fixed in a number of ways and, as usual, a good combination of small measures can make a big difference.

Unfortunately, opening the windows and wrestling with the sheets is still a common method of dealing with these hot summer nights in New Zealand.For those with a heat pump the most common problem is delivering the cool air efficiently.For the best result without wasting energy, it's always a good idea to ensure doors and windows are shut, as any unit will struggle to cool the flow of warmer air from outside. Use inside doors to isolate sections of your home that require cooling as well. There's no point wasting energy on cooling the kitchen and bathroom areas if they can be blocked off, especially during the night.

Check what times during the day you have found air conditioning is most required, and then establish if setting the timer is appropriate.

It also pays to look at the ways in which you are heating up your home in the first place.Cooking can be a source of spreading heat thought the house. Think about only using the stove top on the really hot nights and be sure to employ the spot ventilation on the oven hood to distribute at least some of the heated air outside. Maybe try to get outside for your cooking. During summer there's not much better than a cold drink and a hot BBQ. Using your heat pump efficiently, as well as a few common-sense measures, candrastically alter the climate of your home. So, when the hot nights hit, you don't need to lose your cool.Use your Heat Pump during summer!